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hello world! i been really busy so i havnt had time to blog. i have another sad story for you  my christmas holiday was a drag so much drama that i dont really want to mention that but not soon after i was evicted from my home and had to move  to another state with family and lost everything i had. the worst part of it all is my husband is walking around without a worry in the world knowing he caused his family to be homeless i’d be ashamed, heart broken,trying to make up for and a whole other line of things had i been the husband and caused all this grief. although since then i’v forgiven him for it everytime he does something wrong i cant grasp why he’s not walking on egg shells after putting me through so much im begining to wonder what my purpose is in this marriage because nobody should have to live with someone who behaves this way almost heartless. bonnie if your reading this honey let me know your view of things? i cant write long but all you christians out there pray for me i need strength and wisdom and most of all god on my side to keep faith that my husband will get well and learn the values of family. UNTIL NEXT TIME STAY STRONG AND SAFE!GOD BLESS!


Hello world!

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